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My name is Samah, 22 years old. I’m from Palestine and living in Jabalia Refugee Camp to the north of Gaza City. I got the second highest score at high school among Palestinian students and have been granted a scholarship to study medicine.

Being a Gazan resident and having to live a life that is like no other, I felt the need to speak out about what I witness. Advocacy for Palestine was the answer. It has been three years since I got involved in the work of advocacy and I am passionate about it as much I am about medicine.

This blog is in part about my first-hand experiences in the Gaza Strip as a Palestinian freedom fighter. It is about Samah the young lady who feels excited when she gets a pair of new shoes, the medical student who adores medicine, the daughter of the best dad, who’s an electrician, and the best mum who’s a dedicated mother of 8, the friend who has an over-expressive face and a contagious laugh, and the human being who breaks down and rises over and over again.

I read a lot in politics, medicine, psychology, science, astronomy and literature. I think of myself as a global citizen. I believe everyone of us has a responsibility to fight inequality, to refrain from action which compromises an individual’s well-being, and avoid contributing to environmental degradation. I relate to human suffering and successes around the world. Diversity is something I appreciate and am in continuous pursuit of knowledge, peace and justice. All this will be reflected in my posts.

Passionate, Perfectionist, and Palestinian I am.

Welcome to my blog.

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  1. Bayan Abo El Aish permalink

    I am very surprised of your site that all this stuff actually worked out to where I could congratulate you for what you are doing.
    I’m just in awe of your ability to see things so clearly and to enjoy life as you do ! Always try to do something for others and you will be agreeably surprised how things come your way – how many pleasing things are done for you , I really can take no credit for what and who you are !
    I wish you progress and success
    I ❤ You Sam,
    Best Regards.

  2. Sarah permalink

    I admire your zest for life despite the adversity around you.
    I am amazed at positivity from the people of Palestine and the yearning to keep rising up everytime somebody shoves them down.

  3. My dearest sister Samah, after meeting you and your friends in Gaza, we have come back to South Africa with a renewed hope of liberation. You have shown graciousness and love despite your hardships. The people of Gaza, Palestine will be free because you deserve to be free from oppression. Remember “We are all Gaza”, we support you.
    With love and respect from a free South Africa.

  4. Toni F Borge permalink

    Samah, your words are inspirational. I admire your grace and spirit and love of live. Your ideals will serve you well and will triumph over the occupation.

    With love from Gloucester, Massachusetts USA


  5. You are FANTASTIC!! Your zest for live, love for human beings, seemingly limitless energy and yearning for freedom will make you reach whatever you desire!! You’re going to be an excellent physician – your people do need you!!
    MUCH LOVE and a BIG BIG HUG!! ❤

  6. Stefano permalink

    with the utmost respect and admiration.
    I will follow you.



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