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Who is Dedposh?

July 1, 2011

Shahid‘s answer:

Dedposh is merely an image based tag, a form of visual communication designed to grab peoples attention and provoke positive change. I wish to paint in extreme areas to highlight the humanitarian plight of the people of gaza. Through photography and video, we intend to raise awareness of the humanity and culture that exists within gaza and is under threat. Graffiti is very much a resistance subculture and we wish to paint at site specific locations designed to challenge, enthuse and inspire people towards a peaceful, beautiful way of co-existing. In the long term we are working tirelessly to set up a direct connection with a support network to help assist and launch new and emerging artists from Palestine, and to allow viable artistic trade to flourish.

Also we are offering courses in “fast moving camera situations” to allow higher quality evidence gathering and documentation of events as they happen, and “visual communication” to allow artists to hone their skills and make it easier to reproduce on our end. We are trying to equip the students with the tools to allow them to express their story to the outside world, to raise awareness and funds in the process to encourage a self sustaining arts scene in gaza. Art is a powerful intellectual tool that can be used for many purposes and we believe that there is solid potential to work with. We are looking for people with an interest in the arts or film making who are enthusiastic and whose talent may have been overlooked. We want to give these people recognition and to try and get their work known and showcased abroad. We will also be interviewing anyone involved with the arts scene in Gaza for a documentary and of course anyone else who has a story to tell that will help the Palestinian cause. This is a Humanitarian mission, and is the result of one community wanting to help another.



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