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Yes for a no-fly zone over Gaza! (via GAZA DIARIES OF PEACE AND WAR)

April 14, 2011

Salute to my friend Mohammed Suliman!

On his blog GAZA DIARIES OF PEACE AND WAR Mohammed describes some aspects of his personal experience as a Gazan living under continuous surveillance by Israeli drones. The blog will help you understand to what extent it bugs us having to cope with the uncontrollable and impairment-inducing intrusion of every daily function by these warships.

This is the post to read in case you want to understand how our life style is all messed up with the drones hovering day and night above our heads.

I, for one, hate to study with company. It’s 3:05am. I’ll be tested on American literature at 11:00am. Less than eight hours separate me from the exam, and yet I have plenty to cram into my mind but… As usual, I got company. Company that is like no company. Company that I can’t even think of ridding myself of. Bullying company. Though American-made, they don’t seem to have the same interest to study American Literature. Indispensable company. Fuc … Read More




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