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We can all be heroes!

April 12, 2011

A heroic effort is a collective effort. It’s imperfect, it’s not very glamorous, and it doesn’t suddenly start and suddenly end. It’s an ongoing presence your whole life. And, most importantly, it’s voluntary. As long as we’re teaching our kids that heroism starts when someone scratches a mark on your forehead or someone tells you that you’re part of a prophesy, you’re missing the most important characteristic of leadership: that it comes from within, it’s about following your own dreams—uninvited—and working with others to make those dreams come true.

By Dave Meslin.

On my way back home about a week ago, there was a mother I sat next to in the taxi. With her was her seven-year-old-looking kid. She gave him the money to pay for the driver and made him set next to her instead of on her lap as many do to pay half the cost. Then leaned and kept teaching him how to multiply fractions. She showed him respect and gave him space. She encouraged his individuality. That was a passing thing, but that mother is a hero.

Haneen, my friend’s sister is a talented artist. She insisted on studying arts, a not so popular choice for young Palestinians in Gaza’s traditional society. Where art is a luxury, she transformed the suffering of her people into masterpieces that are being appreciated by people of art and people of life. Today I heard of her latest winning of yet another prize. Haneen is a hero.

The very friendly 28-year-old man at the small shop of the European Gaza Hospital where I do my training is not as smart as the doctors to whom he sells juice and sandwiches; sometimes tomatoes and cucumbers too! But he spends the whole of his day working to get enough money to support his family. On nights that I had night shifts, I came across him more than once as he closed the shop and laid a mattress on the 2 square meter floor to sleep after a long day. That man is a hero.

My sisters; all six are heroes. My one and only brother is a hero. They give me strength. One smile can heal my deepest wounds and unidirectionally change the polarity of my mood. Some called me “Mama” when were young and here they are; growing as impressively promising and caring people. They will be way better than I am. I feel proud of every and each one of them.

My father is a hero. My mother is a hero. I will dare not try to explain to you why or how. I can never describe how much I owe them. I simply can’t.

You can be a hero. Look around and you will realize that, for someone in this world, you are a hero.

Be a hero to yourself.

We can all be heroes!



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  1. Imran permalink

    Samah! You are a hero

  2. Abdallah Abdelhadi permalink

    fantastic !! Really i’m very proud to see heros like you in Gaza .

    Thank you Samah

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