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Nature can not be gamed!

March 18, 2011

The problem is that nature is much larger that anything we can devise. It is not possible to harness the forces of nature.

Quote: “It is human to think we can trick nature, or do it one better. It is human to think a tsunami would never knock out a nuclear plant, a hurricane would never bury a city and a deepwater oil drill would never poison a huge body of water. In the gods of technology we trust.

Until they fail. And then, we feel helpless and small and wonder what they — or we — were thinking.”


As Chris Hedges concludes in this article: ” Technology, which has obliterated the constraints of time and space, has turned our global village into a global death trap.”

Will mankind ever overcome these primitively installed thoughts of capability and selfishness and learn that globalization is sabotaging  the home of the next generations? That making Hollywood’s most catastrophic scenarios of mother nature’s revenge a reality is not on the wish list of the one billion hungry humans that don’t get to watch 3D films?!  Will we ever understand that mother nature can not be gamed!


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  1. The Bible says that God created man in his own image ( maybe the Quran says so too, but I don’t know). Sadly though, I think humans have now created god in their own image! Humans think that they’re the most powerful, but really we’re just like the little piggy that built his house out of straw! When god huffs and puffs, we all fall down!

    I really like this particular blog 🙂 I ask (myself) the same question all the time! 🙂

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